handyman rates

Who we are

We are the team of professional handymens who provide high quality home repairs, services, maintenance and renovations to residential and commercial clients with the best handyman rates. We are providing for you experts in all kinds home repairs and installation, and general handyman services.

Pricing & Quotation

We are proud to offer very cost effective handyman rates and attractive quoted service. Pricing is determined through consultation with the client and on-site assessment of the required work. We offer a free consultation and quote on large projects.

For small jobs we charging hourly rate, our minimum visit is 1 hour, time is rounded up to the nearest half hour. HST is charged for all jobs.

  • $65.oo for the first hour
  • $25.oo for each additional ½ hour

You have the option of providing the material for the job or we may purchase it for you, if we purchase the material you will be charged at the same hourly rate. For small projects the best places to buy are:


The cost of the building materials is key to staying within the budget for your project. Costs of the project will increase with the size of the project. The larger the project, the more money you may want to save on building materials.

who we are